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Wrist tattoos

Hello, my name is Ignas, and as promised I am going to deliver an honest review of the greatest internet site I’ve discovered on designs for wrist tattoos and tattoos in general.

I have reviewed quite a few websites and the one particular which stood out from the rest was Tattoo me now. It is a membership-based site which offers considerably far more than just high good quality tattoo designs. Some of its very best attributes for members are:

  • Has about 5000 original tattoo designs and forty different groups to pick from (wrist tattoos too).
  • Once joined, can print any design and style in high printable quality.
  • Provides addresses and reviews of more than ten thousand tattoo studios in more than 40 international locations.
  • Many academic movies and ebooks about tattoos, styles, the artwork of tattooing.
  • In excess of 60000 members, and an active forum to reply to any questions, by professional artists.
  • 1000′s of video clips and images of actual people demonstrating their tattoos.

If these factors got you intrigued you can sign up for a membership on this link (this hyperlink will also give you a 35% price cut on your lifetime membership.

For everyone else, I proceed with my overview:

wrist tattoosThe concept of the web site is to give individuals the chance to get a design of a tattoo and all the necessary information they need to make that tattoo from the comfort of their house. As I mentioned, there are about 5000 extremely in depth tattoo designs, and just last month they included a few hundred more, which is a good deal if you ask me. The designs are properly comprehensive and simply printable, you can literally get that with you and go into the tattoo shop and get yours carried out. For those who don’€˜t have a clue where to get the tattoos carried out, there are thousands of stores and artists detailed and reviewed, in excess of forty countries around the world. The best point is, the patterns are produced by well recognized artists like Sheryl Unwin, Erick Legoretta and Alejandro “Al” Alvarez. If these don’€˜t sound common -€“ know -€“ they are one of the very best artists out there.

The other beneficial attribute inside the members area is the ebooks and movies -€“ some movies are just of individuals displaying their tattoos, but there are plenty of them displaying how a tattoo is carried out, and outlining the secrets of this art. Also, the membership gives numerous ebooks on tattoos, such as: “How to Tattoo in twelve Simple Steps”€, “€œInfection Prevention”€, “€œYou and Your Tattoo”€, “€œGetting Inked”€, and the “€œXtasys Tattoo Patterns eBook”.

I found that the discussion board is quite active, with several distinct subjects ranging from the selection of the tattoo to generating your personal styles with software, to tattooing others, to infection avoidance -€“ literally every little thing, and if you don’€˜t find your answer you can always ask -€“ with 60000 members the reply is fairly fast and most importantly the responses in most cases come from specialist artists. The image gallery is huge, many images of tattoos to get inspiration from.

wrist tattoosThe point I could complain about was the reaction times of the support crew -€“ which was a little prolonged, however you can constantly go to the discussion board and get your query answered by expert artists. Also, if you try to go away from the website a window pops up supplying you with a $10 price cut, nonetheless the hyperlink to that does not work, which is a bit frustrating.

Other than that I discovered that the site was actually professional  and worth the funds for the services it delivers. I would advocate acquiring the lifetime membership – considering that it is not so significantly different from the monthly membership price. You can get a 35% price cut on the life time membership on this hyperlink.

I hope this review on wrist tattoos was helpful, if you need any extra help or just have any questions regarding the review please send me an email at ignas.vitalis@wrist-tattoos.org, or you can also find me on Google +.

Tattoos as a way of life

So I was thinking the other day, what about those people who have dedicated their lives to tattoos? I’m not talking about tattoo designers who deal every day with tattoos, but are there just as for a job – they don’t adore tattoos. No, that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about tattoo artists who have all or the majority of their bodies tattooed, and not only artists, any people who have many tattoos, or even a few tattoos, but worship the art of tattoos (wrist tattoos, foot tattoos, any really…) and are every day making decisions what to do  with their bodies, are maybe a bit obsessed with that (in a good way). So I thought what about these people? Why do become so interested, so into tattoos, whereas others just make some tattoos and can go on with their lives, however some, after making their initial tattoo – can’t stop doing that, and suddenly after a few months of not seeing them you meet them one day just to find they are all covered in tattoos with dragons, angels, hearts and all kinds of symbols and stuff. What really determines whether a person is satisfied after just one tattoo, or has to have a bunch of other tattoos, or even their whole body tattooed?

The answer is not simple. First of all we have to separate people who have a particular fetish for parts of their bodies and who have a real passion for tattoos. There are people, for instance, who love particular parts of their bodies – for instance, some people find their feet extremely sexy for themselves, they like when they are touched or just attract attention, some pay particular attention to their breasts, or intimate parts in general. Hence, in this case the decision to have their parts of bodies tattooed would be not coming from their passion for tattoos, but rather their wish to get attention to some parts of their bodies. On the other hand, this may too be seen as a form of tattoo fashion – the person is basically fulfilling some of his psychological needs by doing tattoos on the most important parts of his body. Anyway, my topic on this post is the people who pay equal attention to all their body parts without  any or little fetishes.

Now that I have cleared that out, the answer to the initial question I think lies again in the science of psychology – if initially a person becomes extremely passionate about tattoos it basically means the person sees tattoos as a way of fulfilling his needs or having his needs met by other people. For instance, if the person thinks or expects, more importantly, that other  people will REALLY like his tattoos, and will REALLY, EXCEPTIONALLY treat him/her as unique, he will be more passionate about them. Also, the more a person feels unimportant and unoriginal, the bigger the passion might be.

Similarly, the same goes for the other tattoos –  a secondary passion might occur (or the continuation of the initial passion) if a person has got the attention and evaluation he expected (or even more than he expected) and this creates even more expectations that more tattoos will fulfill his/her needs. This might in some cases turn into an obsession and so the person has to be on top of things and really understand that he’s doing it for himself to like,  and not for other people to admire. The most important thing really is this… to  differentiate a true passion for tattoos – arising not  from expectations of other people admiring them, but for the form of art – then psychologically speaking that’s a healthy way to see things, and it does not matter if one has all his body tattooed – as long he is happy with it and takes full responsibility and the consequences of it – that some people might not like it and so on.

Wrist tattoos – Why on a wrist?

So in this small article I will be trying to answer the question why would you or people in general want to have a tattoo on their wrist, rather than anywhere else on their body. Is there anything special about wrists specifically?

First of all, a human body has a LOT of space for tattoos – you can choose anything from the back, to the chest, to the but, to hands, legs, feet, palms, face, and many more specific places. Wrist tattoos is generally a safe choice – of someone who does not want a lot of his body to  be covered, just a little tattoo to show off his uniqueness or anything else he pleases. Wrist tattoos are a safe choice for many reasons – first of all, they do not take up a lot of space – usually it’s a bracelet – type of a tattoo, so goes around your wrist in width, but in length it’s only a few centimeters usually. Off course there are exceptions. Secondly, it is not as visible as people might think – for instance, if somebody sees you walking on a street in a few meter’s distance, there is no way they would see the tattoo – it is simply too small. Also, you could easily cover it up wearing long sleeves, or even a watch on top of the tattoo if you are meeting certain people you don;t want to see your tattoo.

What’s good about wrist tattoos is that they can be made to be seen by a person during the first impression time, to help you out with that – for instance, the first contact you will get with a new person will usually and in most cases be a handshake. For a person to see what he is shaking he will defenitely have a look at your hand, and more importantly, the wrist, and there he will (if you prefer to show it) see your wrist tattoo. Just upon the first impression – shaking your hand – bam, he’s got a tattoo – some kind of uniqueness, attractiveness, and many other things that could be running through the new person’s head. It is even more powerful if it is a girl (and  she finds tattoos sexy) – you will get a big plus during the first impression time, which is key as changing the first impression is quite hard.

So, to recap, why wrist tattoos? Safety, flexibility, and the ability to make a good first impression. What I also haven’t mentioned was that with the wrist tattoos being so small usually you could in most cases be seen as an attractive person only because they are not too big for anyone to think you’re a tattoo slave, or just see the tattoo too big and ruining your body. That makes wrist tattoos a safe and powerful choice for most of the population.

About wrist tattoos and tattoos in general

So I thought I would write a short article on why people have wrist tattoos, and tattoos in general – what’s the big mystery of tattoos? Why do people want them? Why do some people see them as sexy? What is so attractive about wrist tattoos and tattoos in general?

First of all, we need to think about what tattoos in general do for us – what purpose do they serve? On the first look it seems as just a simple pattern or a picture on a human’s body. However, it is much more than that. Things in life usually have one of two purposes that explain why they are wanted and needed. First – physiological purpose – for instance, we need water and food to  survive. Second, a psychological purpose – for instance, we would love to  have a well respected job – it would give us status and hence, more self-worth and hence, more happiness. Tattoos do not  serve any physiological purpose  - people can live without them. However, they serve a psychological purpose for many people.

There are many psychological purposes that wrist tattoos and tattoos serve – to name a few, the person might believe that they give him some uniqueness, or that other people would see that as a sign of uniqueness, sexuality, attractiveness or anything else. Another example might be tattooing the name of your loved one’s name, or initials, etc. This would serve as a symbol of deep love and attachment to the loved one, which would make your loved feel more important and loved, and hence, return the love back to you. It could even be seen as a type of art and expression – either having beautiful pictures on your body, or something with a meaning, known either to many people or just to you only. There are numerous examples of psychological purposes and I will certainly not be able to name all of them.

Why do some people find them sexy? First of all, it is unique, and a tattoo, just like an image, or the way you  dress can express something about you – it tells a story about you, which is told to other people whenever they see it, or you tell them about it. Another perspective could be that people with tattoos or who want tattoos find other people with tattoos sexy because they feel a connection – a shared view – that they both like tattoos and want to have them. That could show a similarity, common views and common personalities.

However not all people find tattoos worth having, some may even find them offensive. For instance, a Christian could make a symbolic tattoo of god on hiss chest and, say, an Islamic person could find it offensive. Also more in general some people might simply be against the idea of painting the body – some may think that a body should be left as it is and not “ruined”. For people with many tattoos, or even their whole body tattooed a problem could be finding a person who will not mind his or her body being all inked – sometimes even the most intimate places, which for some people is a turn on, while for others a turn off.

So, to sum up, people want tattoos for psychological reasons, and there is a big variety of  those reasons behind every tattoo choice. However not all people want tattoos and even like tattoos, some even find them offensive and disgusting. Hence having a wrist tattoo or any tattoo is a big decision to  make – after all, usually you are going to have it for a long time.


Hi, my name is Ignas Vitalis and thanks for visiting my blog. On this website I am providing an honest review of the best service I have found on wrist tattoos and tattoos in general, and you can find the review right here. Other than that, on this blog I will be adding many posts about topics ranging from wrist tattoos, to tattoo removal, to the choice of artists, and many more interesting topics regarding tattoos. Please be sure to come back from time to time to see if there’s something new on this blog, and I hope you will find something useful.